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We the people who spent so much money on fees and using dydx deserve an airdrop because without the loyal customers a company has technically no value. We live in tremendously hard times and if I may speak for all the investors in dydx: WE DESERVE AN AIRDROP FOR MAKING DYDX A SUCCESS And hey, if you could airdrop a token for $1.3 billion like Uniswap did, wouldn't you? Matcha.xyz searches many liquididty pools. Source: matcha.xyz. DyDx. Dy/Dx offers decentralized leverage. Source: dydx.exchange. DyDx has been around for a few years, but only recently has it launched perpetual markets. Now, dy/dx offers leverage and futures in a decentralized platform. Their fees are. Der dritte große Airdrop, den man im Auge behalten sollte, ist dYdX, erklärte der Analyst. dYdx ist eine dezentralisierte Derivatebörse, die von mächtigen Investoren wie Andreessen Horowitz unterstützt wird. Laut Chico Crypto könnte dies die bisher Größte sein und als nächste Uniswap bezeichnet werden

WE deserve an airdrop for our loyalty to dydx

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Thousands of crypto users received an unexpected gift on Christmas Day when the 1inch DEX aggregator airdropped a supply of tokens to its early supporters. Uniswap pulled a similar move back in September; the 400 UNI tokens its users received initially traded at $1,200. Today, they're worth over $2,000 Another airdrop that Swope is keeping tabs on is coming from dYdX, which is a decentralized derivative exchange that uses borrowing and lending pools to facilitate margin trades. The founder of dYdX, Antonio Juliano, has said he's exploring a future airdrop for users on the platform It seems like a prime candidate for an eventual retroactive token airdrop. Team member Antonio already leaked in the past that dYdX is exploring the possibility of a native token, making it a.. In addition to optimizing your gas costs, you could benefit from a potential airdrop in the coming months! 2 - Dy/Dx. dYdX is one of the main decentralized margin trading protocols dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem. Last August, on the Bankless website, its creator discussed the possibility of creating a token for its protocol. Could it be distributed to the first users of the platform? It. In a video, Swope said dYdX has the potential to eclipse Uniswap's massive airdrop in September. The decentralized exchange gave away 400 UNI to any user that had interacted with the platform since its inception, which proved to be a substantial amount once the coin hit $8.00

Mid-September surprised Uniswap users with an airdrop of UNI tokens worth around $1,200, at the time. Those who had used the world's largest crypto Automatic Market Maker (AMM) exchange before Sept. 1, 2020, received the new tokens. Gas fees soared as users tried to cash in for ether (ETH) and tether (USDT). Since that time, UNI's price has oscillated, but still remains a top 50 crypto to Status embed installed correctly. This will be shown if an incident or maintenance is posted on your status page. View latest updates Hello guys. I wanna make an airdrop script, i think this is very easy, i just dont know what should i use for this. The idea: When the resource start,or the next timer start the script pick a random position from table, and starting dropping down the object. When the object is on the ground, its. Die neuesten Tweets von @dydxprotoco Define two global float variables dX and dY; Put the below snippet inside onCreatView() method, where root is root view, taken by the inflater (or any other view, which can receive Drop events); final FloatingActionButton fab = root.findViewById(R.id.my_fab); fab.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View view) { // Do whatever this button will do on.

Visit: dYdX L2 & dYdX L1. dYdX is a decentralized exchange offering permissionless lending and margin capabilities for ETH, USDC, and DAI.With the recent introduction of Spot Markets, users can also swap between these assets off-chain without paying gas.. Users can leverage dYdX to trade Ether on margin with up to 5x leverage, as well as perpetual futures contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and. Selon les protocoles, ces airdrops permettent une véritable gouvernance démocratique. En possédant des UNI, vous pouvez choisir comment l'équivalent DEX crypto de la Bourse de New York prend ses décisions. Cela ne fait toujours pas de mal de gagner de l'argent au passage. Depuis, les spéculations sur les prochains protocoles ont fait écho sur les chaînes crypto de YouTube. Avec la. Airdrop is Free Gift or Reward given by platform, Platform do this in order to thank all users who are using their platform from long time. Crypto airdrop can also be referred to as the giveaway to promote the blockchain or bitcoin industry. Sometimes, some platforms also award additional rewards to their loyal customers to ensure that they keep using or subscribing to their platform. For. • ERC-20 XOR holders as an airdrop (at the SORA v2 network launch and after) • The upcoming SORA Parliament (after the SORA v2 network launch) PSWAP. Utility & governance token used to reward liquidity providers on POLKASWAP, created by community governance • We advise you to get PSWAP directly in Polkaswap within SORA Network. If you still decide to use the ERC-20 Network token, here is.

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  1. PDF | On Jul 1, 2017, Jin Tao and others published Tracking control of parafoil airdrop robot in wind environments | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGat
  2. dYdX describes itself as a full-featured decentralized exchange (originating from the US) for spot and margin trading. dYdX is built on Ethereum, and launched at the beginning of May 2019 with spot and margin trading on ETH-DAI. dYdX claims to offer one of the most liquid order books across decentralized exchanges
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  4. Usta Trader'a Göre Bu Airdrop, UNI Lansmanından Daha Büyük Olacak! Kripto para analisti ve trader Tyler Swope, gelecekte gerçekleşecek bir airdrop'un Uniswap'in (UNI) airdrop'undan daha büyük olabileceğini söylüyor. Neşe Yavuz 06.11.2020 | 13:35. ABONE OL

perform airdrop tests to demonstrate the validity and feasibility of the control methods II. D YNAMIC M ODEL OF A P ARAFOIL A IRDROP R OBOT IN W IND E NVIRONMENT Considering the relative pitch and. Entdecke Rezepte, Einrichtungsideen, Stilinterpretationen und andere Ideen zum Ausprobieren Crypto analyst Tyler Swope says a future airdrop could be even bigger than Uniswap's (UNI). This past September, the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap airdropped 400 UNI to anyone who had interacted with the DEX since its inception.The 400 UNI was at one time worth over $3,000 when UNI was trading above $8.00, and the market cap of the new coin quickly hit $610 million KULAP is airdropping up to 700 KUL tokens to all airdrop participants. Create an account at KULAP, complete your KYC and connect your social accounts to receive the tokens. Also earn a minimum of 5 KUL for each referral. Step-by-Step Guide: Visit the KULAP registration page. Submit your details and sign up. Verify your mail and log in. You will get 50 KUL tokens. Go to your profile and connect.


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