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A Modal-Ontological Argument and Leibniz™s View of Possible Worlds Nino B. Cocchiarella Abstract We critically discuss an ontological argument that purports to prove not only that God, or a God-like being, exists, but in addition that God™s existence is necessary. This requires turning to a modal logic, S5 in par- ticular, in which the argument is presented. We explain why the argument. Plantinga's modal ontological argument has its roots in Anselm's original Ontological Argument. The original argument basically examines God's place as a necessary being and unfolds logically why.. Timothy Williamson has argued that in the debate on modal ontology, the familiar distinction between actualism and possibilism should be replaced by a distinction between positions he calls contingentism and necessitism. He has also argued in favor of necessitism, using results on quantified modal logic with plurally interpreted second-order quantifiers showing that necessitists can draw distinctions contingentists cannot draw. Some of these results are similar to well-known.

The victorious modal ontological argument of Plantinga 1974 goes roughly as follows: Say that an entity possesses maximal excellence if and only if it is omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect. Say, further, that an entity possesses maximal greatness if and only if it possesses maximal excellence in every possible world—that is, if and only if it is necessarily existent and necessarily maximally excellent. Then consider the following argument In order to explain how the Modal Ontological Argument functions in any meaningful way, we must have a basic understanding of the foundational principles of modal logic—what makes modal logic work and how ideas can be derived from logical axioms. Let us first take a very cursory glance at the syntax of logical language as well as the systems which under-gird modal logic. Once we have taken a quick look at modal logic we can turn our attention toward matters that bear more.

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  1. Modal Ontology and Generalized Quantifiers⇤ Peter Fritz Final Draft Abstract Timothy Williamson has argued that in the debate on modal ontology, the familiar distinction between actualism and possibilism should be re-placed by a distinction between positions he calls contingentism and neces-sitism. He has also argued in favor of necessitism.
  2. Johnston S. (2017) The Modal Octagon and John Buridan's Modal Ontology. In: Béziau JY., Basti G. (eds) The Square of Opposition: A Cornerstone of Thought. Studies in Universal Logic. Birkhäuser, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-45062-9_4. First Online 11 March 2017; DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-45062-9_4; Publisher Name Birkhäuser, Cha
  3. Ding-Ontologien (thing ontologies) und Tatsachen-Ontologien (fact ontologies) sind monokategorische Ontologien: Beide gehen davon aus, dass alle fundamentalen Entitäten derselben Kategorie angehören. Sie sind sich uneins darüber, ob diese Kategorie die Kategorie der Dinge oder der Tatsachen ist
  4. Modal logic is a collection of formal systems originally developed and still widely used to represent statements about necessity and possibility. The basic unary (1-place) modal operators are most often interpreted for Necessarily and for Possibly. In a classical modal logic, each can be expressed in terms of the other and negation in a De Morgan duality: P ↔ ¬ ¬ P, P ↔ ¬ ¬ P {\displaystyle \Diamond P\leftrightarrow \lnot \Box \lnot P,\quad \quad \Box P.
  5. 3. Multimedia Ontologies An ontology is a formal, explicit specification of a domain. Typically, an ontology consists of concepts, concept properties, and relationships between concepts. In an.
  6. Is showing that it's possible that God exists enough to also show that God actually exists

Lemon is a proposed model for modeling lexicon and machine-readable dictionaries and linked to the Semantic Web and the Linked Data cloud. It was designed to meet the following challenges. RDF-native form to enable leverage of existing Semantic Web technologies ( SPARQL , OWL, RIF etc.) An ontology is a natural means of organizing (structuring) it and thereby facilitates browsing through it to find interesting information. It provides an organization that is flexible, and that naturally structures the information in multidimensional ways. For instance, an ontology may allow browsing through the courses offered by a university by topic or department, by quarter or time, by level, etc

modal force and conversational backgrounds, the semantics of modal operators must make reference to verbal mood and to the modal source. Kratochv lov a (2017): Modal meanings are expressed primarily by auxiliaries in English, but by verb mood in Spanish. The ff paradigms create ff in semantic oppositions, which the author investigates. 16/2 Modal Ontology and Generalized Quantifiers . By Peter Fritz. Abstract . Timothy Williamson has argued that in the debate on modal ontology, the familiar distinction between actualism and possibilism should be replaced by a distinction between positions he calls contingentism and necessitism. He has also argued in favor of necessitism, using results on quantified modal logic with plurally.

It is the general theory of possibility. By the nature of its questions it is also very modal. 3. Ontology has two sides: descriptive - phenomenological, and theoretical - formal. Hence, it is divided into three parts: onto-ontics (in brief: ontics), ontomethodology and ontologic UFO uses modal reasoning in particular for dealing with the concept of existen-tial dependence and for classifying types of universals, e.g. to define properties of uni-versals such as rigidity and anti-rigidity. For this reason, modalities are included in our proposed formalisation. However, a first-order modal version of UFO can in principle b The modal nature of the ontology suggests very strongly that we should make use of coalgebraic models of program-ming language semantics. The techniques described in [2], for instance, could form the basis of such a framework. We can also make use of proof theoretic tools, such as temporal type theory and lax modal type theory [3], as a framework fo Ontological realism is a term best applied to theories that are realist regarding what there is, where 'what there is' (or the relevant ontology) is usually specified previous to or in conjunction with the realism regarding it. Realism, very simply put, is the notion that something is real. Ideas as to what there is can range from numbers.

Ontology development is considered to be a useful approach to the design and implementation of interoperable systems. This literature review and commentary examines the current state of knowledge in this field with particular reference to processes involved in assuring epistemological adequacy. It takes the perspective of the information systems practitioner keen to adopt a systematic approach. Modal Ontology and Generalized Quantifiers 647 results resemble Williamson's results described above. For the philosophical question on the correct characterization of the metaphysical dispute, it may be interesting to ask the technical question how these kinds of results relate. Sim- ilarly, the philosophical question concerning Williamson's use of his particular formal language raises the. AG 9 (Kurz-AG, Gebäude B 4.1, Raum 0.22) Towards an ontology of modal flavors. Organisatoren Ryan Bochnak, Universität Leipzig/Universität Konstanz, ryan.bochnak@manchester.ac.uk Anne Mucha,Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, annemucha@googlemail.com Kilu von Prince, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, kilu.von.prince@hu-berlin.de Call for Paper Modal Ontology of Television: How to Create Social Objects By LARS LUNDSTEN, PHD* ABSTRACT. This article deals with the ontological and modal status of the things we watch on television. I apply Adolf Reinach's distinction between what he calls simple objects and states of affairs to the wider problem of distinguishing between seeing as perception and seeing as compre- hension. These. Lundsten, L 1999, ' Modal ontology of television: How to create social objects ', American Journal of Economics and Sociology, vol. 58, pp. 221-240

Modal Ontology and Generalized Quantifiers. Peter Fritz. Journal of Philosophical Logic 42 (4):643-678 (2013) Authors Peter Fritz Australian Catholic University Abstract Timothy Williamson has argued that in the debate on modal ontology, the familiar distinction between actualism and possibilism should be replaced by a distinction between positions he calls contingentism and necessitism. He. Towards an ontology of modal avors 2/20. Modal avors: ff perspectives Philosophical logic: modal avors correspond to accessibility relations with well-de ned properties such as symmetry, transitivity etc. (e.g. Gamut, 1991; Portner, 2009; Garson, 2016). Formal semantics: any contextually salient set of propositions may serve as a modal avor (e.g. Kratzer, 1991, 2012; von Fintel & Heim, 2011. ONTOLOGY-FREE MODAL SEMANTICS* ABSTRACT. The problem with model-theoretic modal semantics is that it provides only the formal beginnings of an account of the semantics of modal languages. In the case of non-modal language, we bridge the gap between semantics and mere model theory, by claiming that a sentence is true just in case it is true in an intended model. Truth in a model is given by the. Lewis's modal ontology appeals to objects called possible worlds, but these worlds are concrete objects. What we call the actual world is one of these concrete objects, the spatiotemporally connected universe we inhabit. What we call non-actual worlds are other concrete universes that are spatiotemporally isolated from ours (and from each other). There is, Lewis contends, a vast.

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Modality without Modal Ontology; For the Sake of the Argument. For the Sake of the Argument Ramsey Test Conditionals, Inductive Inference and Nonmonotonic Reasoning. Search within full text. Chapter. Chapter ; Aa; Aa. ontology modal-logic. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Apr 20 '16 at 9:39. Constantine Constantine. 439 3 3 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. 4. Depending on what is meant (there's an equivocation potential), there may in fact be zero possible worlds according to MR, because all of them are actual. Assuming, you mean how many worlds are there in Lewis's modal realism, then a second. The S5 system of modal logic includes an axiom that looks suspiciously similar to Premise 4: AxS5: If A is possible, then it is necessarily true that A is possible. The intuition underlying AxS5 is, as James Sennett puts it, that all propositions bear their modal status necessarily. But, according to this line of criticism, Plantinga's version is unconvincing insofar as it rests on a. A modal approach to dynamic ontology: modal mereotopology In this paper we show how modal logic can be applied in the axiomatizations of some dynamic ontologies. As an example we consider the case of mereotopology, which is an extension of mereology with some relations of topological nature like contact relation Semantics and Ontology in Quantified Modal Logic Stefano Borgo and Claudio Masolo Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Trento, Italy {borgo, masolo}@loa-cnr.it Philosophical logic studies the relationships between philosophical stands and logic as well as the logical and philosophical consequences that can be drawn from these connections. There is a good deal of results in this area.

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Ontology-based Access Control for FAIR Data. Christopher Brewster. 0000-0001-6594-9178. , Christopher Brewster. Data Science Department at TNO, Kampweg 55, Soesterberg 3769 DE, The Netherlands. Institute of Data Science, Maastricht University, Maastricht 6229 ER, The Netherlands. Christopher Brewster is a Senior Scientist in the Data Science. CONICET Digital, el repositorio institucional del CONICET, un servicio gratuito para acceder a la producción científico-tecnológica de investigadores, becarios y demás personal del CONICET The modal nature of the ontology suggests very strongly that we should make use of coalgebraic models of program-ming language semantics. The techniques described in [2], for instance, could form the basis of such a framework. We can also make use of proof theoretic tools, such as temporal type theory and lax modal type theory [3], as a framework for reasoning about smart contracts. Work on. An ontology-based, multi-modal platform for the inclusion of marginalized rural communities into the knowledge society. Pages 143-151. Previous Chapter Next Chapter. ABSTRACT. With the information revolution that promises to shape the 21st century, knowledge has become the prime commodity, very much like land, means of production and capital have been at different times in the past. Access. propositional ontology and modal logics Takao Inou´e This is the second revised version (v2) of this paper, October 31, 2020. Abstract. In this paper, we shall give another proof of the faithfulness of Blass trans- lation (for short, B-translation) of the propositional fragment L1 of Le´sniewski's ontology in the modal logic K by means of Hintikka formula. And we extend the result to von.

Title: Evolutionary epistemology models modal ontology, Author: johnboy philothea, Name: Evolutionary epistemology models modal ontology, Length: 1 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2014-01-23 . Issuu. van Inwagen, Ontology, Identity, and Modality, 2001, Buch, 978--521-79548-7. Bücher schnell und portofre I teach and work on logic and ontology at the Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews, and at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), University of Amsterdam. Before this, I've been doing more or less the same at the University of Aberdeen UK, at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Notre Dame IN-USA. modal realism: given an initial configuration of matter points, there is something about this configuration that puts a constraint on how it can develop in time; that something expressed in the laws of nature ! laws express / reveal modal connections, thereby explanatory more ambitious ontology: primitive ontology & something modal that constrains development of primitive ontology danger. Aristotle's modal ontology is h e r e analysed in conjunction with four modal problems. My primary objective, is to clarify some of the discussions of Aristotle's modal ontology that have been advanced by certain twentieth century philosophers. The first problem to be considered is the famous ' sea battle' argument of De Interpretatione 9.

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A Multi-modal Spatio-temporal Data Semantic Association Model Based on Ontology Abstract: Multi-modal spatio-temporal data is mixed data with spatio-temporal information, various types and complex modalities. Different modal data are usually related to each other. Effective organization and associated spatio-temporal data are the focus of massive data management and data information mining. In this work, we propose a new, supply-chain, reference ontology that is 1) based on an existing top-level ontology and 2) developed using a collaborative, ontology-development, best practice. We chose this approach because empirical studies have shown the usefulness of adopting a top-level ontology both for improving the efficiency of the development process and enhancing the quality of the.

A modal ontology of properties for quantum mechanics. Autores da Costa, Newton; Lombardi, Olimpia Iris; Lastiri, Mariano Año de publicación 2012 Idioma inglés Tipo de recurso artículo Estado Versión publicada Descripción Our purpose in this paper is to delineate an ontology for quantum mechanics that results adequate to the formalism of the theory. We will restrict our aim to the search. van Inwagen, Ontology, Identity, and Modality, 2001, Buch, 978--521-79164-9. Bücher schnell und portofre Ontology Design Patterns for Representing Context 3 pair of individuals that take part in a context-dependent object property asser-tion [13]. This context individual may then be referenced by other individuals representing, for example, an agent playing a role in that context (e.g. a person believing that the relation represented by the object property assertion holds). Upper ontologies that A Map of the Moral World book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. I begin by creating an original modal ontology that brings the mo..

The ontology is available as a tab-separated values file. FOAM (the HMMs) Close comment form modal. I agree to the terms and conditions. You must accept the terms and conditions. Add comment Cancel. Submit a comment. Name. Affiliations. Comment title. Comment . You have entered an invalid code Submit Cancel. Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. Your comment will be reviewed. This is the second in a sequence of three essays which axiomatize and apply Edmund Husserl's dependence ontology of parts and wholes as a non-Diodorean, non-Kantian temporal semantics for first-order predicate modal languages. The Ontology of Intentionality I introduced enough of Husserl's dependence-ontology of parts and wholes to formulate his account of order as effected by relating moments.

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This ontology has since been extended with a multi-modal imaging ontology with electron microscopy, X-ray computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. In a preliminary investigation, the extended ontology described the multimodal imaging metadata of RIKEN. This poster presents the details of the ontology, and our progress. An ontology-based first-order modal logic. Share on. Authors: Feng Jiang. Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China. Contingency, Necessity and the Being of Possibility : Leibniz's Modal Ontology in Relation to his Refutation of Spinoza. / Laerke, Mogens. In: Revue roumaine de philosophie, No. 51, 2007, p. 39-62. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-revie Here, we propose Graph2GO, a multi-modal graph-based representation learning model that can integrate heterogeneous information, including multiple types of interaction networks (sequence similarity network and protein-protein interaction network) and protein features (amino acid sequence, subcellular location, and protein domains) to predict protein functions on gene ontology

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An apparatus for a multi-modal reasoning ontology engine comprising a data structure on computer readable media, where the data structures has a knowledge representation fact base of knowledge objects called tasks and results, where each result corresponds to one task to form a unique task-result pair, and a premise maintenance system of truth objects that can be reused called premises and. This book gathers together thirteen of Peter van Inwagen's essays on metaphysics, several of which have acquired the status of modern classics in their field. They range widely across such topics as Quine's philosophy of quantification, the ontology of fiction, the part-whole relation, the theory of 'temporal parts', and human knowledge of modal truths CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Abstract. The propositional ontology introduced by Ishimoto is essentially the rst-order universal fragment ofLesniewski's ontology. Wegive a faithful interpretation of this system in the modal logic K

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Ontology managers can define business-oriented data models integrating data services from IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Application builders can use Palantir tools to create line-of-business applications using these data models and can integrate AI models created by data scientists and deployed by ML operators on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. This blog post explains how to create AI-infused apps using. This ontology has since been extended with a multi-modal imaging ontology with electron microscopy, X-ray computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. In a preliminary investigation, the extended ontology described the multimodal imaging metadata of RIKEN. This poster presents the details of the ontology, and our progress in publishing RDF-based multi-modal imaging. The ontology of intentionality II: dependence ontology as prolegomenon to noetic modal semantics. Review badges 0 pre-pub reviews 0 pre-pub reviews 0 post-pub review Gene Ontology (GO) ist eine internationale Bioinformatik-Initiative zur Vereinheitlichung eines Teils des Vokabulars der Biowissenschaften.Resultat ist die gleichnamige Ontologie-Datenbank, die inzwischen weltweit von vielen biologischen Datenbanken verwendet und ständig weiterentwickelt wird.Weitere Bemühungen sind die Zuordnung von GO-Termini (Annotation) zu einzelnen Genen und ihren.

‎I begin by creating an original modal ontology that brings the modal operators of necessity and possibility together. I then define a simulation as a real possibility that is not necessarily true. This new framework expands on existing philosophical knowledge, and engages with classical theories. F Philosophy of logic - Philosophy of logic - Problems of ontology: Among the ontological problems—problems concerning existence and existential assumptions—arising in logic are those of individuation and existence. Not all interesting interpretational problems are solved by possible-world semantics, as the developments earlier registered are sometimes called The goal of the proposed DFAM ontology is to provide a structure for information on part design, AM processes, and AM capability to represent design rules. Furthermore, the manufacturing feature concept is introduced to indicate design features that are considerably constrained by given AM processes. After developing the DFAM ontology, queries based on design rules are represented to. Dynamic Ontology. 57 likes. Dynamic Ontology is the book you can hold in your hand, where I am giving you what might be the most important innovation-related intellectual property of our time

Contents Introduction 1 I Logics 5 1 Kripke Semantics 7 1.1 Syntax and Semantics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 1.1.1 Languages L and L Manuel García-Carpintero: Conventions and Constitutive Norms. The paper addresses a popular argument that accounts of assertion in terms of constitutive norms are incompatible with conventionalism.. Ontology Global University Workshop. 87 likes · 1 talking about this. This is the main page of the Ontology Global University Workshop. We will post here news about upcoming university tours, share..

Die BTO (BRENDA Tissue Ontology) ist eine umfangreiche, strukturierte Enzyklopädie.Sie bezieht sich auf Begriffe und Bezeichnungen für Gewebe, Organe, anatomische Strukturen, Pflanzenteile, Zellkulturen, Zelltypen und Zelllinien in Organismen aus allen taxonomischen Gruppen (Tieren, Pflanzen, Pilzen und Einzellern), aus denen die Enzyme isoliert bzw. in denen sie nachgewiesen wurden Am 6. und 7. Juli sowie am 13. und 14. Juli bietet Frau Prof. Friederike Moltmann ein englischsprachiges Blockseminar an

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This ontology has since been extended with a multi-modal imaging ontology with electron microscopy, X-ray computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. In a preliminary investigation, the extended ontology described the multimodal imaging metadata of RIKEN. This poster presents the details of the ontology, and our progress in publishing RDF-based multi-modal imaging. Overview SemRep (Semantic Repository) is a multi-lingual, graph-based platform integrating different knowledge resources about concepts and their semantic relations. SemRep focuses on concepts and their relations rather than on instance (entity) data as in most other knowledge bases, such as DBpedia, Freebase, or Geonames. It supports six general semantic relation types between concepts (equal. Multi-modal topic inferencing from videos. Posted on January 8, 2019. Oron Nir Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft Media AI. Any organization that has a large media archive struggles with the same challenge - how can we transform our media archives into business value? Media content management is hard, and so is content discovery at scale. Content categorization by topics is an intuitive. Trenton Merricks, Truth and Ontology, Oxford University Press, 2007, 202pp., $49.95 (hbk), ISBN 9780199205233. Reviewed by . Ben Caplan, Ohio State University. 2008.02.16. Many have thought that, in one way or another, truth depends on being and that, although this view has its problems, holding on to the view is the only way to hold on to any metaphysically robust form of realism. For example. Our understanding of modal meanings is crucially based on the notion of various modal flavors, which distinguish, for example, between epistemic and deontic readings. However, neither within nor across linguistic subfields is there any consensus about the exact ontology of those modal flavors. Thus, a common assumption in formal semantics is that there is a hierarchical distinction between.

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ESCO is the multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations. ESCO is part of the Europe 2020 strategy. The ESCO classification identifies and categorises skills, competences, qualifications and occupations relevant for the EU labour market and education and training Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2002. v + 279 pp. Mary Tjiatta In this paper ontological implications of the Barcan formula and its converse will be discussed at the conceptual and technical level. The thesis that will be defended is that sentential moods are not ontologically neutral since the rejection of ontological implications of Barcan formula and its converse is a condition of a possibility of the imperative mood PH2117 Ontology III Faculty of Arts Autumn 2021 Extent and Intensity 2/0/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination). Taught online. Teacher(s) doc. Mgr. Radim Bělohrad, Ph.D. (lecturer) prof. PhDr. Josef Krob, CSc. (lecturer) prof. PhDr. BcA. Jiří Raclavský, Ph.D. (lecturer) Guaranteed by prof. PhDr. Josef Krob, CSc. Department of Philosophy - Faculty of Arts Supplier department. Ontology: With the goal of providing multi-modal data to enhance autonomous off-road navigation, we defined an ontology of object and terrain classes, which largely derives from the RUGD dataset but also includes unique terrain and object classes not present in RUGD. Specifically, sequences from this dataset includes classes such as mud, man.

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The ontology is related to certain modal logics. Property Value; dbo:abstract: The Frege-Church ontology is an ontology, a theory of existence. Everything is considered as being in three categories, object (referent, denotation), name, or concept (sense). The ontology was developed by Alonzo Church based on ideas of Gottlob Frege to resolve some paradoxes. The ontology is related to certain. MultiPredGO: Deep Multi-Modal Protein Function Prediction by Amalgamating Protein Structure, Sequence, and Interaction Information which resembles the structure of Gene Ontology (GO), for effectively predicting the dependent protein functions. Finally, to validate the goodness of our proposed method ( MultiPredGO), we have compared our results with various uni-modal along with two well. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. • Closely related to Propositional Modal/Dynamic Logics & Guarded Fragment - Computational properties well understood (worst case complexity) - Provision of inference services • Practical decision procedures (algorithms) for key problems (satisfiability, subsumption, query answering, etc) • Implemented systems (highly optimised) • The basis for widely used ontology languages.

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