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To stake your LP tokens, first go to the farms page which you can find on the menu on PancakeSwap. Find the pair that you've added liquidity to and click the enable button to allow the smart contract to spend your LP token. After clicking the enable button, confirm the transaction on your MetaMask wallet Whenever someone trades PancakeSwap, the trader pays a 0.2% fee, of which 0.17% is added to the liquidity pool of the swap pair they traded on. For example: There are 10 LP tokens representing 10 CAKE and 10 BNB tokens. 1 LP token = 1 CAKE + 1 BNB. Someone trades 10 CAKE for 10 BNB

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ezDeFi ecosystem includes a multi-chain and non-custodian ezDeFi Wallet, a multi-functional browser extension, a payment gateway, and ezDeFi public chain How do I connect my wallet to PancakeSwap? In order to connect your wallet you have to click on the Unlock Wallet button on the top-right corner of the page. After that, look for the wallet you want to connect to PancakeSwap and click connect. Approve the connection and you're good to go How to Stake / Unstake Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens on Binance Smart Chain using JulSwap. EARN FREE INCOME!! BASIC OF LIQUIDITY MARKET ||HINDI|| How To Add Liquidity to wPGO on PancakeSwap Using MetaMask! How To Add Or Provide Liquidity To An Exchange Like Wault Finance, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap. SaveTheWorld's 8th Donation. Today, to Cancer.org through the Cancer Crypto Fund. Technology. I am also receiving CAKE and it also shows 0 as LP staked. If I try to unstake LP tokens the pop up shows 0.00000 balance, but if I click the Max badge suddently it fills with 0.000000037532632241. I haven't click the confirm button so I don't know if I will get the tokens back. 1 Copy link newfie-stack commented Feb 27, 2021. I don't think this is a bug in the program, more so it's. In order to migrate from V1 to V2 BGOV-BNB LP pool, please follow these simple steps: Unstake your LP tokens from the farming page located at. https://bsc.fulcrum.trade/farm. Next, go to the following URL in order to remove all your LP token liquidity from the old pools: https://v1exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/remove.

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  1. If you've staked your LP tokens in the farm to earn CAKE tokens, you should first unstake your LP tokens to remove your liquidity from PancakeSwap. After unstaking your LP tokens from the farm, you can go to the liquidity page and remove your liquidity from the pool. PancakeSwap multiplier explained. When you want to stake your LP tokens in the farm to earn CAKE, you'll see different multipliers for each farm. You might be asking yourself what is multiplier? Do I earn more.
  2. If you are currently in possession of PancakeSwap LP Tokens, whether they're staked in farms, vaults, or simply in your wallet, you'll need to: Unstake your LP tokens from old farms Remove liquidity from old type of LP Add liquidity to the new type of LP Restake in new farm
  3. If you have any PancakeSwap LP Tokens deposited in a Beefy vault, you'll need to: Withdraw your LP tokens from the Beefy.Finance vault Unstake your LP tokens from the old farm on PancakeSwap Remove..
  4. The Pancakeswap token (CAKE) is a BEP-20 token that was launched on Binance Smart Chain in September 2020. The main function of CAKE is to incentivise liquidity provision to the PancakeSwap platform

You can unstake your LP tokens at any time by clicking the minus button next to the pair in the Farms section. Next, go back to the Liquidity section and redeem your staked tokens by returning. Pancakeswapで手数料報酬を得るためには、2つの通貨をペアとした『LP token』を提供する必要があります。 CAKEとBNBの組み合わせで作成したLP もし『LPを現金化したい』『他の通貨とトレードしたい』場合は、LPを取引可能な状態まで戻してあげましょう。 提供したLPを通貨として取引可能な状態にするには、下記2つの手順を踏む必要があります。 LPをUnstakeする. Flip CAKE, collect SYRUP and stake them with Pancake Swap, the best decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain

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  1. PancakeSwap v1 Exchange . NiubiSwap. Connect. EN More. Governance. Medium Blog. Info. Github. About. Migration v1 Liquidity. Reclaim LP Tokens to Wallet. Unstake your v1 LP tokens from v1 farms. Click the button below to go to history tab of farms and unstake your LP tokens there. Check Staked only to show only farms you staked. Go to v1 Farms. You DON NOT need to unstake from Hongbao.
  2. The LP tokens are called FLIP tokens. PancakeSwap also allows users to farm additional tokens - CAKE and SYRUP. On the farm, users can deposit LP tokens, locking them up in a process that rewards users with CAKE. Users can stake CAKE tokens to receive SYRUP, which will have further functionality as governance tokens (and as tickets in a lotteries). Currently, 10 CAKE per block is awarded to.
  3. g or win it in the Lottery, then stake it in Syrup Pools to earn more tokens
  4. So users currently in possession of PancakeSwap LP Tokens, whether staked in farms, vaults, or simply in wallet, will need to: Unstake your LP tokens from old farms. Remove liquidity from old type of LP. Add liquidity to the new type of LP. Restake in new farms Before the V2, PacakeSwap was already a leader in the DeFi landscape. PancakeSwap overtook Uniswap in Unique Trader and Trade Counts.
  5. PSA: Pancakeswap V2 Migration & Vote Results. By TheDev100x April 22, 2021 3 Mins Read. As part of Pancakeswap's upgrade to V2, they are going to be migrating some of their smart contracts to newer upgraded versions. This migration is going to require users to migrate their LP tokens from V1 to V2 in order to continue to receive rewards and such
  6. PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap uses an automated market maker (AMM) model where users trade against a liquidity pool. Such pools are filled with users' funds. They deposit them into the pool, receiving liquidity provider (or LP) tokens in return. They can use those tokens to reclaim their share, plus a portion of the.
  7. These pools are filled by users who deposit their funds into the pool and receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens in return. These tokens can later be used to reclaim their share of the pool, as well as a portion of the trading fees. These LP tokens are known as FLIP. PancakeSwap also allows users to farm additional tokens such as CAKE and SYRUP. On the farm, users can deposit LP tokens and get.

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  1. How to Stake / Unstake Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens on Binance Smart Chain using PancakeSwap. Home; Blockchain. New Crypto Asset Blasts Into the Top 10, Hits Staggering $18,635,000,000 Market Cap. NFTs in Enterprise Blockchain | 101 Blockchains. Solidity Tutorial - A Detailed Introduction. Australia's Finance Minister warns Crypto are High Risk assets . Senator Sherrod Brown Urges US.
  2. You won't receive any rewards from the old LP tokens because they will stop the old rewards and start the new ones after migration. What you have to do is simple. Unstake your LP tokens from old farms Remove liquidity from old type of LP Add liquidity to the new type of LP Restake in new farms. Take out the old LP tokens and put it into a new LP
  3. us button. Then you need to know where does your LP tokens come from ApeSwap (APE-LP) or PancakeSwap (CAKE-LP) ApeSwap LP Tokens. First go to the Liquidity section on ApeSwap website. If you LP doesnt appear in the Your liquidity section, you'll need to import it by selecting the two tokens your LP is made of.
  4. Staking Pancakeswap ALPACA-BNB LP tokens. Acquiring LP tokens (If you already have the LP token, you can skip to the next section) An LP token acts as proof that you are a liquidity provider to the ALPACA-BNB pool. You can use it to stake to earn ALPACA tokens. Go to https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance Click on Add Liquidity Click Unlock Wallet You may have to wait up to 30 seconds for.
  5. g CAKE. First, you need to go to this page and connect your wallet. 2. Go to the Pool tab and click Add Liquidity.
  6. Unstake your LP tokens from old farms . 2. Remove liquidity from old type of LP . 3. Add liquidity to the new type of LP . 4. Restake in new farms. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to add bROOBEE tokens to the liquidity pool on pancakeswap.finance. First, you need to go to this page and connect your wallet. 2. Go to the Liquidity tab and click Add Liquidity 3. Select the.

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Once you have staked your LP tokens, you will not see your liquidity pool anymore until you unstake your LP-tokens. Once you unstake your tokens, your liquidity pair will show up again in the liquidity pool. Syrup Pools in Pancake swap. Once you start earning Cake, you can harvest your cake and stake your Cake as well. Go to the Pools tabe and. There is also an opportunity for users to unstake remaining CAKE-BNB LP tokens in the case of an overflow. The Overflow method allows participants to subscribe to the IFO for as little or as much as they want. However, their final allocation will be determined by the number of funds they put in and they will receive back any leftover funds when they claim their tokens after the sale. The.

Due to PancakeSwap contract upgrade, LPs are required to move from old contracts (PCSV1) to new contracts (PCSV2.) Our staking contract structure does not allow for auto migration so you must do this process manually. To migrate your LP, follow the steps belo PancakeSwap's migration is complete. The change concerns only whoever has invested LP tokens (e.g., CAKE-BNB LP, BUSD-BNB LP, ETH-BNB LP etc.). If you are in Pools with Single tokens (e.g., CAKE), you don't have to do anything. Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:52 Migration steps for PancakeSwap 06:21 Simple migration step for PancakeBunn ถ้าเรามี LP ของ pancake swap อยู่ ไม่ว่าอยู่ที่ไหนก็ตาม แม้กระทั่งใน wallet เรา pancakeswap แนะนำให้ทำดังนี้ . Unstake your LP tokens from old farms - unstake LP ออกมาทั้งหม Pancakeswap v1 will change to Pancakeswap V2 (April 23, 2021) How to change the old LP TOKEN ️ New style. 1. unstake pair of LP tokens coins at the farm out 2. separate liquidity pair of old LP tokens coins. 3. Add liquidity of the new LP tokens coin pair which is V. 2 4. Take a pair of LP tokens coins to farm in Pancakeswap V2 // (After.

There are 0% fees on deposit, harvest or withdraw. There is a 2% on each interaction with Pancakeswap in order to offer you those crazy APR! Turbo Protocol is a project developed by a anon team of 2 dev, 1 community manager and 1 marketing manager Farm tokens with your PancakeSwap LP. No fees & unstake whenever you like. 2x Bonus Yield. Connect Wallet Connect Wallet. NUTS Farm. Deposit NUTS Earn NUTS APR LOADING. Compound your NUTS by staking. Stakers get 20% of the yield from insured farms. (Rewards paid every 4 hours) Connect Wallet Connect Wallet. Cake Vault v3. Deposit CAKE Earn ~120% CAKE APY + LOADING NUTS APR. Auto-compound CAKE. PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool Tokens that are staked in farms or pools need to be retrieved. So if you staked LP tokens, unstake and split them into their individual tokens. Keep the tokens in your wallet. Then reassemble your LP tokens and deploy them to the new smart contracts after launch. Source: Twitter. What Next? Once Version 2 goes live, it will be as though the farms and pools started. Added CAKE-BNB Liquidity from PancakeSwap; Deposited CAKE-BNB LP tokens to CAKE-BNB Hive; Redeemed HUNNY Rewards; Swap Cake Balance to HUNNY-BNB, increase CAKE Balance as per (2) Exploited and increased 2,281,142.448 HUNNY supply; What immediate actions did we take? We have stopped the minting process. Hives are all SAFU. We Read more in PancakeHunny · 2 min read. 63. Published in. While the sale is live (1pm — 2pm UTC on Thursday 27th May 2021), commit your CAKE-LP tokens to buy KALM tokens at pancakeswap.finance/ifo; After Sale: When the sale is complete, claim your KALM tokens and your unspent funds will also be sent back to you. Done! In the case of an overflow you can unstake your remaining CAKE-BNB LP tokens. If you decide to acquire CAKE-BNB LP tokens before the.

RFOX Finance DEX routes through PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool smart contracts. They will be visible in your wallet after adding liquidity. Please note, if you wish to withdraw the liquidity you have supplied you must first unstake your LP tokens from the farm. Single staking in pools. If you are not familiar with yield farming and risks such as Impermanent Loss, you have the option to. APY for farming is calculated using the combined value of your LP tokens, and the value of total BUDZ farmed per year. This gives a variable APY, price goes up, farming APY follows. Farming uses an APY halvening period, starting at 7 days, which is then extended a further 7 days every new period (e.g. 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 days), any user can call the halvening By providing Liquidity you would be earning Uniswap UNI-V2 LP or CAKE-LP tokens representing your position. The number of tokens will be proportional to your share of the pool. The number of tokens will be proportional to your share of the pool As part of our partnership with PancakeSwap, we will be suspending the BSC LP pool on UpBots. Instead, you can stake your UBXT-BUSD LP tokens on PancakeSwap if you wish. And so today marks the launch of the PancakeSwap Syrup Pool, from now on you can unstake your LP tokens from UpBots and stake them on PancakeSwap under the farm tab 1. unstake 2. click max on the popup that showsup, click unstake again and confirm the transaction 3. and stake your LP tokens at the new pools. *If you unstake, tokens will be harvested automatically, and sent to your wallet. So you're all good. For those who are on Pancakeswap farms: -> you will need to migrate first, to do that: 1. unstake

10. When the transaction is confirmed, you will receive the LP tokens in your wallet on the staking app. 11. NOW, you should first click MAX, then APPROVE. 12. By default, the gas fee is set to 100 Gwei and 600,000 gas limit, so MetaMask will show you $39.76. However, it will not spend that amount. You can also click edit and change to slow, average, or fast. Again we recommend using Fast. In. Discover PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the best farms in DeFi and a lottery for CAKE. The most popular AMM on BSC! Earn CAKE through yield farming or win it in the Lottery, then stake it in Syrup Pools to earn more tokens! Initial Farm Offerings (new token launch model pioneered by PancakeSwap), NFTs, and more, on a platform you can trust. Connect. Home. Trade. This is a special BSC Chads guide on how to farm directly through smart contracts on Etherscan or BSCScan, instead of relying on the web UI interfaces.. This gives you an unfair advantage over those who don't know how to do this. It's literally like having cheat codes in a video game.. And we're sharing this because we want to bring true value to our subscribers instead of just another.

Until then — Get your LP tokens at Pancakeswap! See instructions below. Check your existing liquidity: PancakeSwap encountered a significant hiccup with the rollout of their V2 pools, and discontinued their first V2 pools before beginning new ones. If you happen to have liquidity locked in the *discontinued V2* pool, you should migrate it to the proper V2 pool. This can all be accomplished. If you have PancakeSwap LP Tokens V1 on Action Required on LP Pools, whether they're staked in current farms, or your wallet, you'll need to: Unstake your LP tokens from those pools. Remove liquidity from those pools. Add liquidity to the new type of LP. Stake new LPs in new pools and new vaults APR fluctuates based on the reward token price and the value of total lp tokens farming. Total lp tokens farming $ 0 CHM / WETH. Block reward 19.193106149627887 CHM . Start Block 12231975. End block 12438299. Amount in vault 3959998.43 CHM « Previous; 1 » Next; Launch a Farm ×. Cryptochrome Yield farming You earn LP fees (eg 0.3% on uniswap Or pancakeswap) on any liquidity provided to AMM. Investors who staked on LP farms; 1) Unstake current LP from 'Legacy' page on Satis.Finance (Legacy page will open at Apr 26th. 13:00:00 UTC) 2) Remove the LP on PancakeSwap's V1 Liquidity (Old) page. 3) Add V2 LP on PancakeSwap's V2 Liquidity page. 4) Stake V2 LP on SatisFinance's Farm V2 Page [TIME TABLE] Apr 26. (Mon) 13:00:00 UTC. 1. Farm V2 page added on SatisFinance. ‼ ด่วนอีกแล้ว ‼ . วันที่ 23 เมษายน เวลา 12.00 น. ตามเวลาประเทศไทย Pancakeswap จะเปลี่ยนระบบ โดยจะอัพเกรดเป็น Pancakeswap V2 . ใครที่ทำ farm กับ Pancakeswap ในรูปแบบคู่เหรียญ LP Tokens.

You can also lock your LP tokens after providing liquidity on PancakeSwap. When you stake your BNFY/BNB liquidity tokens in the BNFY platform, the tokens are locked in the staking contract forever, but the value is not. You mint an NFT when you stake the tokens, and the details of your stake are stored in the metadata of this new ERC721 token. When you decide you want to liquidate your. 2) Unstake your SWGB-BNB LP tokens from SwirgeFinance Farm, if you have any. 3) Remove liquidity from @PancakeSwap or @JulSwap,... 3) Remove liquidity from @PancakeSwap or @JulSwap,... Swirge Twitter.com 5 d ag Unstake. Stake--Unclaimed POLIS. Claim. Get POLIS tokens. BNB/POLIS LP V2. --Unstake. Stake--Unclaimed POLIS. Claim. Get POLIS-WBNB LP V2 tokens (PancakeSwap) Deprecated. BNB/POLIS LP . --Unstake. Stake--Unclaimed POLIS. Claim. Remove POLIS-WBNB LP tokens (PancakeSwap) Addresses. Get POLIS/BNB LP tokens. Addresses Github Twitter Discord Medium Forum FAQ. . . PancakeSwap exchange is a decentralised exchange (DEX) that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).. Operating in a similar sphere to competitors Uniswap and Curve Finance, the PancakeSwap network utilises an automated market maker (AMM) system to provide users with the ability to trade cryptocurrency tokens such as WBNB, CAKE and BUSD. In addition to an exchange, it also offers liquidity.

PancakeSwap change is a decentralised exchange (DEX) that's constructed on the Binance Good Chain (BSC).Working in an identical sphere to opponents Uniswap and Curve Finance, the PancakeSwap community utilises an automatic market maker (AMM) system to supply customers with the power to commerce cryptocurrency tokens equivalent to WBNB, CAKE and PancakeSwap change is a decentralised exchange. Available TWOK / BNB LP Tokens: 0.1952647852634786527. Full Amount. Locking Time (BETWEEN 1 AND 365 DAYS) 1 DAY. 1 WEEK. 1 MONTH. 1 YEAR. Stake . Get Earnings. Unstake. BNB VAULT. 1 Item. Available USDT / BUSD LP Tokens: 0.00. Full Amount. Locking Time (BETWEEN 1 AND 365 DAYS) 1 DAY. 1 WEEK. 1 MONTH. 1 YEAR. Stake. Get Earnings. Unstake. TWOK / BNB LP. 1 Item. Available TWOK / BNB LP Tokens: 0. Our smart contract allows users to stake their LP(liquidity provider) tokens and farm more LP tokens, thanks to the smart contract featuring a dividend pool, that drips 1% of its value every day. The team has added all of its liquidity tokens to this pool. There is a 10% fee for Users who want to stake or unstake their lp tokens from the farm. That fee goes right back to the farm pool to be. Xem thông báo của PancakeSwap tại đây. Đối với người dùng đã stake LP Tokens vào các farming pool trên app.bami.money: Người dùng cần rút (Unstake) LP Tokens đã stake vào các farming pools trên tính năng Farm của Bami Protocol. Xem Hướng dẫn Unstake LP Tokens

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Furthermore, the LP tokens come in different flavors since it is needed to unstake any staked CAKE. Adoption. It's hard to quantify the two top DEXs on this one. While PancakeSwap's adoption rate is on the rise, Uniswap is older and has a considerable user base. It's among the few projects that fished DeFi from the shadows by introducing AMM functionalities that no other project. We are going to move our liquidity to PancakeSwap from ValueDefi, this means your current LP tokens, that you've been farming on ValueDefi's website, will no longer be accepted with our new farms but you will have to unstake your LP tokens, remove your liquidity from ValueDefi and add your liquidity to PancakeSwap and create a new LP token there. Our f a rms with ValueDefi will be canceled. You can add or remove liquidity at any time using both the BNBCapital interface and the PancakeSwap exchange. My pool tokens: 0.0000 BCL-LP ≈ $0.00: Liquidity : $0.00: Pair address: 0x26a4...271b: BCL address: 0x1CC2...DEaA: Get BCL. Add Remove. Amount: 0.0000 BNB. BNB + Amount: 0.00 BCL. BCL. Add. Go to PancakeSwap . Staking . If you have BCL-LP liquidity tokens (Cake LP), you can stake.

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PancakeSwap V2 migration completed ! If you are currently in possession of PancakeSwap LP Tokens, whether they're staked in farms, vaults, or simply in your wallet, you'll need to move lp from v1 to v2 poo If you have stake LP tokens in an inactive pool, please unstake your assets and withdraw them to your wallet. Inactive pools in farm . Step 2: If you have deposited LP tokens in retired vaults, please withdraw them as well. Retired vaults. Step 3: Head to the vaults page and click PancakeSwap and pick the corresponding vaults to deposit your token. CAKE-BNB vaults v2. Step 4: After you deposit. APR fluctuates based on the reward token price and the value of total lp tokens farming. Total lp tokens farming $ 0 bCHM / BNB. Block reward 2.4305555555555554 bCHM. Start Block 7125959. End block 7329616. Amount in vault 494999.65 bCHM. BNB / (bCHM-BNB) Farming is Ended. 0. 5057.25%. Stake; Contracts; Farm Info bCHM-BNB. You need bCHM-BNB LP tokens to this pool. Get Liquidity Tokens. How to unstake from a vault. Farming. Farming explained. How to stake in the farm. ELE-BNB LP Farming. Extra Info. Community Links. Powered by GitBook. How to stake in a vault. Our vaults require liquidity provider (LP) tokens from Pancakeswap.finance or similar another platform that our strategies use (such as WaultSwap or Nerve Finance) to be staked on our Eleven.finance site in order to. LP Tokens staked on Version 1 will still pay out PROPEL for staking under May month, this gives users an opportunity to unstake and move liquidity over to PanCakeSwap V 2. The PROPEL/BNB Liquidity Pool in PanCakeSwap V2 is now live with the same process as for v1. Provide liquidity in PROPEL/BNB on PanCakeSwap V2; PROPEL Contract Address in.

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LP tokens allow people to withdraw their deposits and withdraw from the platform at any time. The use of LP tokens is also a good way to distribute revenue (exchange fees) among liquidity providers. The mechanism of income distribution can be explained with a more detailed example. Consider the WBNB / BNB pool as an example: Suppose 10 LP tokens represent 10 BNB tokens and 10 WBNB tokens. In. Read writing from JINDO INU on Medium. JINDO INU DEV. Every day, JINDO INU and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium

Whenever you chose you can unstake or withdraw these tokens, by clicking the 'withdraw' button, selecting the amount and confirming the transaction. This will return to you PancakeSwap LP tokens, which dependant on the amount of time they have been stakes and the APY% of the vault will have grown in number and therefore value of the underlying assets (please note as with any 2 sided LP. 1) Unstake current LP from 'Legacy' page on Satis.Finance. (Legacy page will open at Apr 26th. 13:00:00 UTC) 2) Remove the LP on PancakeSwap's V1 Liquidity (Old) page. 3) Add V2 LP on PancakeSwap's V2 Liquidity page. 4) Stake V2 LP on SatisFinance's Farm V2 Page How to add NORD liquidity on Pancakeswap. NORD-BUSD LP Staking Guide. NORD Staking Guide. Testing Guide. NORD Savings Beta Testing Guide . Nord Savings Polygon Beta Testing Guide. Powered by GitBook. NORD Staking Guide. Step 0: Stake NORD tokens. You need to set BSC mainnet as your network in your metamask or any other wallet that you are using. You can follow this to set up the network in. Need to build an defi site like pancakeswap. use Binance smart chain. include writing a smart contract. we need in 30-45 days. Function: 1. Swap: Trade tokens in an instant. 2. Liquidity: Add liquidity to receive LP tokens. 3. Farms. Stake Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens to earn. 4. Pool: Syrup Pool. Stake CAKE to earn new tokens. You can unstake at.

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You can now unstake your START at any time, subject to the burn fee schedule below: Unstake within 3 days, 50% burn. Unstake within 7 days, 7% burn. Unstake within 14 days, 5% burn. Unstake within 30 days, 2% burn. Unstake after 30 days, 0.50% burn. Unstaking any START will reset both your diamond hands and burn timer. Adding to your stake will reset your burn timer, but not your diamond hands. WSBDapps will continue WSB/BNB and WSB/BUSD pools — These are liquidity pools that are hosted on Pancakeswap. Users who deposit WSB tokens with the counterparty tokens Binance coin and Binance USD will earn a reward for providing WSB liquidity to Pancakeswap and can stake their LP tokens to gain further yields from the Wallstreet Bets ecosystems. These two pools further ensure that we have. You need to hold 5000 SUPERN tokens in your wallet to access it. Happy trading. How to subscribe to PooBot in 3 steps: 1. Buy and hold 5000 Supern tokens on your wallet. There is a 2% tax so buy 5200 using this link => https://bit.ly/3xOr2PS. 2. Use Metamask (not TWT) to connect your wallet to the bot. Use only PC (not Smartphone) to do so => https://bit.ly/33bKat8. 3. Confirm your wallet and. Users will be able to get ALIA tokens by using pancakeswap's BNB-ALIA swap pool. You can exchange BNB from the pool and get ALIA tokens in return by using pancakeswap's BNB-ALIA swap pool. We will seek to list XANALIA in more exchanges, including DEX and CEX We're getting ready for PancakeSwap V2. To do that, we're going to transfer (migrate) two of our current smart contracts to new, upgraded contracts. Put simply, we're creating a new set of LP Tokens, and our farms and exchange will start supporting the new type instead of the old ones

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