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The San Juan Islands, located 87 mi (140 km) north of Seattle in the heart of the Salish Sea, is the most famous place for orca whale watching. Orca whales usually pass through the islands in greatest numbers between mid-May and mid-October when the salmon runs are strongest, although it's possible to spot them throughout the year. In February, March, April, late October, and November you can see fewer orca whales than in the summer, but the chances of seeing one of the other. The best time for whale watching in Seattle and nearby areas is all year round, however depending on when you come will determine what types of whales you see and how many. Pacific Northwest Whale Watching by Seaso The best time for gray whale watching is in March through May, when they detour from their off-shore journey to fuel up in our waters. Click to see full answer Also, when can you see orcas in Seattle Everett is located just 30 minutes from Seattle and is known for its gray whales. For a limited period, mid-February to mid-June, gray whales choose this location for feeding on their way to Alaska. Island Adventures Whale Watching Company offers 3-hour boat cruises from Everett between February and May The best time for gray whale watching is in March through May, when they detour from their off-shore journey to fuel up in our waters. Scientists believe gray whales started visiting the Salish Sea when their food sources became scarce

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What is the best month to see the whales? - Peak season is considered the summer months of mid-June through early September. During this time, we see whales (orcas, humpbacks and/or minke) on over 90% of our tours. There are whales here year round, but much less predictably so outside the summer months The Gray whale will visit on occasion throughout the year, with sightings reaching their peak during March and April when the whales migrate north from Mexico to Alaska to feed. Certain types of orca whales are also viewable in the winter since the seals are most abundant. Seasons • Seattle, Pacific Northwest: May - Septembe Most depart from the San Juan Islands, which sits north of Seattle. To get to the islands, you'll need to drive about 90 miles to Anacortes, then jump on a ferry to the islands. Whale watching in.. June - September | Tue - Thur NOW BOOKING - Experience the ONLY half-day Seattle whale watching tour that departs directly from downtown! Embark on a 5-6 hour adventure aboard the San Juan Clipper fast ferry as an expert naturalist helps you spot orca, humpback whales and other sealife. Whale sightings are guaranteed

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR FOR WHALE WATCHING? While it is possible to see whales at any time of the year, there is a peak season from May through October. During this peak season we boast a greater than 95% chance of spotting whales in Victoria, particularly resident orcas, humpback whales, and transient orcas! In addition to these giants. Top Washington Dolphin & Whale Watching Activities: See reviews and photos of dolphin & whale watching in Washington, United States on Tripadvisor No matter where you are in Washington, we have the tour for you. Our locations are strategically placed to offer the best whale viewing opportunities. There's no company that sees more whales than Island Adventures. As members of the Pacific Whale Watch Association, we have access to the best whale-sightings network in the world. If whales in the area, we know it. High-speed, low profile vessels often travel past whales without seeing them. Our elevated wheelhouses and upper decks allow us. The Best Whale Watching Sites in Puget Sound You Don't Need a Boat For. Orca-spotting expert Alisa Lemire Brooks gives us her favorite places to whale watch. BY: Caroline Craighead | Updated: November 27, 2018 . orcas. puget sound . Image Credit: RobynPhoto. Learn to spot orcas like a pro. With cold water and plenty of prey like salmon to feed on, Puget Sound is the go-to place for whale.

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  1. When is the best time of year for whale watching in Seattle? Whale watching is one of the best things to do in Seattle, and thankfully you can embark on a tour throughout the majority of the year. Peak whale watching season is between June and September, but many tours operate from March right through to November, and provide plenty of opportunities to see these incredible creatures in their.
  2. At Seattle Orca Whale Watching (in partnership with San Juan Safaris) we take great pride in providing you with the best orca whale watching and wildlife tours in the Pacific Northwest. Our guides and naturalists work to create educational, fun, and engaging tours that provide our guests with memories to last a lifetime. We offer a variety of tours in the beautiful waters surrounding the San.
  3. Best time for whale watching: Whale watching season near Seattle falls between March and October, with the species of whale you're likely to see varying by month within that range. The first gray whales appear in the region in March and April. Orcas are common in the summer months of May through September, and humpback whales are most often seen in October and November
  4. While the Emerald City may seem a little too busy with ferries for the large mammals to swim freely, they're occasionally spotted along West Seattle and in Elliott Bay.But for more intimate, uninterrupted sightings, watchers may want to hop onboard the Seattle Orca Whale Watching Tour.It's pricier than some of the other excursions on this list, but that's because the whale-watchers.
  5. Best Places for Whale Watching in Oregon. The top destination for whale watching in Oregon is Depoe Bay, effectively Oregon's whale watching capital.Home to the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center and the world's smallest navigable harbor, this coastal town is where many of the resident gray whales hang out in summer and fall, feeding on the abundance of mysid shrimp
  6. Whale watching Seattle and whale watching Washington are commonly associated with whale watching in the San Juan Islands. San Juan Island is the center of whale watching in the Pacific Northwest and therefore Friday Harbor on San Juan Island is the best location for departing on a whale watch tour in Washington State. We hope to see you soon

The Whales You'll See: Humpbacks, Finbacks, Right Whales. It's always a good time to plan a whale-watching trip to Cape May—the majority of whales aren't migrating, and come to local waters to feed whenever they like. Go on a traditional cruise to see both whales and dolphins, or book a trip that includes talks from naturalists Best Time To See Beluga Whales: Beluga whales can be seen along Cook Inlet heading south from Anchorage along what is known as Turnagain Arm in the spring through fall months. They can be viewed year round in in the southern Alaska waters of the Shelikof Strait between Katmai National Park on the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island. There are no known (known to us) dedicated whale watching tour. The best time to visit Seattle for whale watching is approximately that time when whales are crossing water for a variety of reasons such as finding food, traveling to another place due to climate changes, and others. You should contact people who offer this service, because they monitor the behavior of whales, and they know exactly when they will show in the sea. And this is that spectacular.

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The best time for gray whale watching is in March through May, when they detour from their off-shore journey to fuel up in our waters. Click to see full answer . Also, when can you see orcas in Seattle? While orcas get most of the attention as far as whale watching goes, they're far from the only whales in the Puget Sound. Orcas can be spotted just about year round, but are most common in the. Best Time to Visit Seattle for Whale Watching . Orca whales in Puget Sound. Embodying the wild nature of the city, whale watching is one of the most popular tourist activities in Seattle. Whales inhabit the waters of Puget Sound throughout the year, but the spring and summer season have the best chances to spot them. Whales are seen from the shore at places like Alki Beach - one of the best. When's the Best Time to Whale Watch in Washington? If you have plans to go whale watching in Seattle - specifically near the San Juan Islands - then the best time to schedule a trip is between May and October. Although there are Orca sightings throughout the year, Orca Whales are most active during the aforementioned months

I'd like to go to Seattle for several reasons but my main reason would be to whale watch. My dates are flexible but I would prefer to go in April. Does anyone know if this is a good time to whale watch? I'd prefer to see Orca's and I heard they might be around that area in April Best whale watching deal in the area, just 30 minutes from Seattle! Each spring (February, March, April, and May) provides one of the best whale watching opportunities in Washington. More than 20,000 gray whales migrate along the west coast each year. A small group, known as the Sounders, are drawn to the abundant ghost shrimp of Puget Sound. Whale watching on the Olympic Peninsula should be an activity that everyone does at least once in a lifetime. During your next getaway to the Olympic Peninsula, take a detour to the coast and see how many whales you can spot. The Best Time of Year to Spot Whales. Whales are a migratory species that follow the pacific coast during the spring and fall. While sightings have occurred anywhere from. Whale watching for Gray whales is best during the months of March, April, and May as they migrate to summer feeding grounds in the North Pacific from their summer breeding waters of Baja California. Whale Watching in Washington's San Juan Islands. The San Juan Islands draws more whale watchers, but the Orca whales are seen all along the coast of Washington as well as in and around the San Juan. Favorite Whale Watching Spots near Olympic National Park Port Townsend Marine Science Center . From the pier, look east across Admiralty Inlet. You may see resident or transient orcas, gray whales and sometimes humpbacks. From the nearby lighthouse, look north across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The Strait leads directly to the open ocean and is an important passageway for the whales. At the.

The Best Time for Whale Watching in California Reserve your trip online or call (949) 673-1434 to schedule. Our company offers whale watching trips throughout the year and often times we are asked when the best time is to see the animals. While most whale watching destinations in the US are seasonal offerings Southern California is one of but a few places where Whales and Dolphins can be seen. Seattle Whale Watching Tours. Go whale watching in Seattle! Enjoy the experience of a lifetime with Seattle's ONLY half-day, guaranteed whale watching tour.See orcas, humpback whales, minke whales, gray whales and all the majestic wildlife in the Salish Sea on our tour departing from Edmonds - just minutes north of downtown Seattle Salmon, which are their prime source of food (about 95% of what they eat), travel up and down the west coast of San Juan Island and outlying areas. We see orca whales on over 90% of our tours. The best months to see orca whales are April through October. Orca Whale Watching with San Juan Safaris on San Juan Island

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  1. The Best Time for Whale Watching in Alaska. Share on Facebook. Various species of whales migrate between the warm coastal waters of Mexico and the frigid waters of Alaska. Prince William Sound in Alaska is the summer habitat for gray, humpback and orca whales, making April through September some of the best months to whale watch
  2. But first, we stress that there's no best time of day to go whale watching. Whales are out and about doing their thing day and night, so whether you go out in the morning, afternoon or evening you'll always have a great chance of seeing whales and other marine wildlife. Thanks to our vessel styles, which have a bigger range than many of our competitors, we guarantee whale sightings.
  3. 11 breathtaking spots for whale watching in Washington state Gray whales aren't the only species you can spot this time of year. Callie Craighead, Seattle P-I. March 7, 2021 Updated: March 7, 2021.
  4. Among endless opportunities for outdoor adventures in Seattle are whale watching tours in Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. From March through May, gray whales take a side trip from their northern migration to feed on the abundant shrimp population around Whidbey and Camano Islands. While the gray whales are here, common loons and double-crested cormorants share the saltwater, prior to the birds.
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Answer 1 of 8: I'd like to go to Seattle for several reasons but my main reason would be to whale watch. My dates are flexible but I would prefer to go in April. Does anyone know if this is a good time to whale watch? I'd prefer to see Orca's and I.. The best time of year to see orca. Though they are not technically a whale, orcas are often considered the main attraction of whale watching tours. There are two central residents of orca off the Vancouver coast, the southern and northern. The best time to spot the southern residents is May to October when they come to feed on the salmon. The 5 Best Whale-Watching Spots in Washington. The Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, is home to a number of marine mammals like harbor seals, Dall's porpoises, sea lions, and otters. As the third largest estuary—the other two being San Francisco Bay and Chesapeake Bay—in the U.S., it's also home to whales

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  1. The best time to see Killer whales in the San Juan Islands . This is one of the most asked questions that we get! There is a reason so many people come from all over the world to the San Juan Islands (north of Seattle) to catch a glimpse of the world's top ocean predator. But did you know we have two different eco-types of Killer whales we see regularly? Many people know about the Endangered.
  2. Whale Watching in Seattle: Deals Up to 70% Off Groupon. 70% off (2 days ago) Head out on to the Puget Sound to see Seattle's famous aquatic residents on a whale watching tour. At Groupon you can find a great deal for all the family. $89 for a 3.5-Hour Whale-Watching Trip from Outer Island Excursions ($119 Value). $71.20 for 4.5-Hour Guaranteed Whale Watching Tour from Island Adventures on.
  3. Whale Watching Tours from Anacortes. The San Juan Islands provide one of the best opportunities for whale watching Washington has to provide, offering protected waters and a huge variety of wildlife, which include our three pods of resident Orca whales. Anacortes is the perfect departure point for guaranteed whale watching and wildlife cruises
  4. January through March is the best time for spotting these acrobatic, social and curious whales who have been known to swim up to investigate boats. Maui is the best island for land-based whale watching but you can also take a boat tour with PacWhale Eco-Adventures, which directly supports whale conservation and research. In Oahu, try Wild Side Specialty Tours, which offers small group trips.

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» Best time for Gray whales (Only 30 minutes from Seattle) The early Spring provides one of the best whale watching opportunities in Washington. Over 20,000 Gray whales migrate North up the West Coast and some find the rich feeding grounds near the South end of Whidbey Island. On our tours we often see the same whales year after year. Island Adventures works closely with Cascadia Research. When is the best time to kayak with orcas in Seattle was one of the first questions I asked when I moved here more than a decade ago. The Puget Sound is home to about 72 resident orcas and even more transient ones drawn to our temperate waters teeming with salmon. Given this, the Seattle area is one of the most popular areas in the United States for whale watching The 12 Best Places in the U.S. to Go Whale Watching (and When to Go) Travel to the coasts for an up-close experience with these beautiful creatures. By Shelby Deering. Apr 1, 2018 Getty Images. There is something so magical about seeing a whale in the wild. Maybe it's the fact that we feel so small next to them (blue whales can weigh an astounding 300,000 pounds) or that for most of us. An Alaska whale-watching cruise is one of the best ways to see the world's largest mammals in their natural habitat. During an Alaskan vacation, you'll spot feeding humpback whales, orcas swimming with their offspring, and gray and blue whales splashing in the water from a front-row seat

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Puget Sound Express - Family-Run Whale Watching Tours. sEE wHALES IN THE wILD! Family-run Whale Watching in Seattle & Port Townsend. Half, Full Day, and 3-Day Tours Book Your 2021 Tour! Update on Health & Safety Learn more about our commitment. to community health and safety. Read More sEE wHALES IN THE wILD The Best Seattle Day Trip. An incredible scenic seaplane flight to San Juan Island and a whale watching boat tour from Friday Harbor, WA. It's the Ultimate Pacific Northwest Adventure Whale Watching Seattle Coupons - Best Coupon Codes. COUPON (8 days ago) Puget Sound Whale Watching Coupons. CODES (9 days ago) (7 days ago) Seattle Whale Watching Coupon, 02-2021. $53.10 3 days ago Verified Head out on to the Puget Sound to see Seattle's famous aquatic residents on a whale watching tour You have plenty of choices to see the whales in San Diego. You can take a whale-watching tour like we did, or just head to the western overlook of Cabrillo National Monument. The peak time to see these massive whales is mid-January. Blue whales and fin whales can be spotted on whale-watching tours from mid-June to September. See our 8-hour tour.

This full-day whale watching tour package includes a scenic 45-minute seaplane flight from Kenmore, Lake Washington to Friday Harbor Marina on San Juan Island. Day trip flights leave Kenmore in the morning and return in the early evening, and vary slightly depending on the time of the year. If you prefer to depart from Seattle, Lake Union. Whale Watching Excursions in Redondo Beach, California Gray whales migrate past Seattle, Washington, each year on their way to Alaska. When the whales migrate past the city again in the fall, they.

Puget Sound Whale Watching Coupons - Best Coupon Codes. 25% off (9 days ago) 25% OFF Puget Sound Whale Watching Coupons Verified . 25% off (2 days ago) Puget Sound Whale Watching Coupons - Find Coupon Codes. COUPON (5 days ago) (7 days ago) Seattle Whale Watching Coupon, 02-2021. $53.10 3 days ago Verified Head out on to the Puget Sound to see Seattle's famous aquatic residents on a whale. Whale watching was always something I wanted to do. When I started creating my bucket list a few years back When we first arrived to the Seattle, we looked into the best times to go. May-October was the best time to see Orca and Humpback whales in the Seattle area. So we planned to go in June. As soon as the month hit, we signed up for a tour with Island Adventures leaving from the San. 10 breathtaking spots for whale watching in Washington without a boat . Callie Craighead, Seattle P-I. March 18, 2020 Updated: Sep. 17, 2020 5:03 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email. 18. 1 of 18. Click.

As even the best fishery biologists cannot accurately predict salmon returns, it is impossible to know if any particular month or year will be good, bad, or average for orca whale-watching. Sadly, due to a lack of prey, 2019 and 2020 were the two worst years in history for salmon orca sightings. Previous poor periods have always rebounded quickly and so we hope for the best in 2021. Remember. Winter months are also the best time of year to view sea lions! The Whale watching is a leisurely activity, often best enjoyed with a picnic lunch and a thermos of hot coffee. Take time to sit in one spot while scouting the water. in Attractions, Beach Activities, How-to, Landmarks, Outdoor Activities, Seasons. Share. Tags: Family activities, Hiking, Lighthouses, Scenic views, Tide Pools. Maya's Legacy Whale Watching is located in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island Washington, just 90 miles from Seattle. Tours depart daily from Snug Harbor Resort & Friday Harbor. We leave from the dock closest to the whales for your best chance to see Orcas Best Whale Watching in Seattle Tour Recs, Best Seasons . CODES (8 days ago) Just 90 miles north of Downtown Seattle, you'll find Seattle Orca Whale Watching tours on San Juan Island. This is one of the best spots in the area to see wildlife in its element, and over 90 percent of tours in peak season get to see orcas up close. Plus, San Juan Island is home to tons of exciting wildlife: seals.


Whale Watching in Victoria on Vancouver Island! TripAdvisor has voted Eagle Wing Tours #1 since 2007 for whale & wildlife watching in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. We respect the investment our guests make to join us and we are dedicated to making your trip the experience of a lifetime The Best Whale Watching in Seattle. The water off the northwestern coast of Washington affords ample opportunities to see orcas and other whales, as well a wide array of additional . Road Trip Review: Ford's $73,000 F-150 Platinum Bathes You In Luxury..

From Downtown Seattle: Allow at least 1.5 - 2hrs driving time. Take Interstate 5 north to the Burlington exit (230). Turn west (left) on Highway 20 until you reach Anacortes. Once in downtown Anacortes, follow the signs for the San Juan Island Ferries to the ferry landing. The Ferry: Choose a ferry departure that arrives to San Juan Island at. The best orca whale watching is from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, just an easy day trip adventure from downtown Seattle. The San Juan Islands are considered the jewel of the Pacific Northwest, located in the Puget Sound. Know More about this tour. San Juan Island is considered the best place to view orca whales because the salmon, which are their prime source of food (about 95% of what.

See whales and other marine wildlife on a whale-watching tour in Vancouver. You'll see orca whales, migrating humpback whales and much more Tour description. The best orca whale watching is from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, just an easy day trip adventure from downtown Seattle. The San Juan Islands are considered the jewel of the Pacific Northwest, located in the Puget Sound. San Juan Island is considered the best place to view orca whales because the salmon, which are their. AAA+ Best Whale Watching Experience. Absolutely incredible tour! Would do it all again in a heart beat. We watched two (and potentially a third) pods of transient killer whales play non stop for about 45 minutes or so. We then turned around and there was a humpback whale behind us! We hung out with that guy for quite some time too. We also saw seals and copious amounts of eagles nesting. [Our. Our whale watching tours have been very successful, with sightings of transient orcas, humpback whales, minke whales, and a few gray whales so far. The resident orcas are back as well, and with the weather becoming more and more summerlike each day, now's a great time to join us on one of our tours

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We provide small group ecosystem and whale watching tours from the best location in North America for proximity to marine wildlife and whales in the wild. Recreational, engaging and informative, we offer memorable experiences with a passionate crew, the most innovative boats, departing from the heart of it all, San Juan Island, Washington. Our immersive tours create moments that give us pause. Book Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours in Seattle Today! Book & Save on Viator Today. Full Refund Available up to 24 Hours Before Your Tour Date, Quick & Easy Purchase Proces Also question is, is it better to go whale watching in the morning or afternoon? There is not a huge difference between the morning and afternoon in whale watching.However the mornings do tend to be slightly calmer than the afternoons which may be of consideration if someone in your group is particularly sensitive to seasickness.. One may also ask, what is the best time of day to go whale. Included in your package is an incredible scenic seaplane flight from Seattle to Friday Harbor and back. Once in Friday Harbor, you will embark on either the Western Prince II or the Western Explorer II for an unforgettable whale watching adventure. The full day trip will allow you time before, or after, your whale watching tour to explore the. Whale Watching Seattle 170 km nördlich von Seattle im Bundesstaat Washington liegen die San Juan Islands. Hier kann man besonderst gut Orcas beobachten und dies sogar vom Ufer aus. Wer den Tieren etwas näher kommen möchte, kann bei etlichen Veranstaltern eine Bootstour buchen. Hier bieten manche Anbieter ein Kombipaket, welches einen Rundflug mit einem Wasserflugzeug und einer Bootstour.

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Best time to go whale watching. Click on the months on our interactive map below to see the best time to go whale watching around the world - including when to see the blue whale, largest animal on earth. We've also picked out some of our favourite whale encounters, from orcas hunting in Patagonia to swimming with humpback in Tonga Magnificent orca (or killer) whales live in the San Juan Islands year-round, and this is the best place in the world to see them in the wild. You can also spot humpbacks, minkes, gray whales, steller sea lions, and many other species of wildlife. Whale sightings are never guaranteed, but the greatest potential for spotting them is with a professional whale watching and wildlife tour. An added.

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  1. Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.Whale watching is mostly a recreational activity (cf. birdwatching), but it can also serve scientific and/or educational purposes. A study prepared for International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2009 estimated that 13 million people went whale watching globally in 2008
  2. A cruise from Seattle to Alaska through the inside passage follows the same routes whales travel in spring and fall, taking you to the foot of towering glaciers and into what many call The Last Frontier. Within the short season -- extending from May through September -- the best time to go depends on your travel style
  3. kes, and all the majestic wildlife in the San Juan Islands - departing just 15
  4. We definitely want to do a whale watching tour but we are unsure if it's best to go from Seattle or Vancouver. Reply. Aug 4th, 2010, 12:52 PM #2 NWWanderer . Join Date: May 2005. Posts: 1,916.
  5. utes for us. Thanks to Puget Sound Express' generous.
  6. What's the Best Time for Whale Watching in Alaska? Spring and summer are ideal times for whale watching in Alaska, particularly from the months of May through September. Whales begin to migrate toward Alaska in February and arrive in April. You may have a good chance at seeing a while right from the deck of the ship if you're cruising during these months. But to be sure, a whale watching shore.

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  1. Did you know Florence had the best whale watching in the state? Share your experience (and photos!) with us in the comments below! Florence isn't only a place for epic whale watching—this coastal town in Oregon truly has a little bit of everything. Address: Florence, OR 97439, USA
  2. Feb.1, 2021 Learn when the best time to see whales in Oregon | Offering 1 Hour or 1 1/2 Hour Whale Watching Tours in Depoe Bay | Call 541.921.132
  3. ke whales, bald eagles, and much more! We guarantee that you will see whales
  4. Whale-watching north of Seattle. Matt Villano — July 3, 2014. Fans of the Grateful Dead like to call themselves Deadheads, so it seems only natural that I, a lifelong fan of whales, call myself a Whalehead.. It's the name of my personal website, the suffix on my email, and the moniker I use to describe myself when people request.
  5. Juneau is the best spot for whale watching in Alaska Primarily, Juneau's whale soup means humpbacks. Belugas are found farther north; orcas are around, but move fast and don't tend to.
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My Dream of Whale Watching. I associate Washington State with perfect temperatures in summer (yes, I am fleeing from 100 degrees plus 100% humidity in Virginia at that time of the year), beautiful countryside, and the ocean, specifically WHALES in the ocean! Seeing whales in the open water has been a lifelong dream of mine! I do not want to see. We are proud members of the Pacific Whale Watch Association formerly known as Whale Watch Operators Association Northwest. The Association has worked with scientists, NOAA and industry leaders to assist in writing the Whale Watching Guidelines and Best Practices. Read more about our commitment to responsible eco-tourism here Depending on where you visit, you can spot a whale at any time of year. We've rounded up five incredible whale-watching spots along the Pacific, from Alaska to Hawaii; we've included the best times and the best ways to increase your chances of a sighting. Juneau, Alaska. Peak Whale-Watching Times: April to November Juneau, Alaska, is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the USA. Puget Sound Whale Watching Season. The Puget Sound whale watching season runs from April through the end of September. Southern Resident Orcas are seen year-round, but most of the whales in the area are just passing through. Gray whales are best seen between March and May, as they make their way to their summer feeding grounds. Transient orcas.

107 reviews of San Juan Safaris - Seattle Orca Whale Watching We went on a whale watching boat tour on a Saturday afternoon in September. It was a good tour. It was perfect weather and the boat was PACKED! The tour was virtually at full capacity at about 30 people on the boat. Crew - there was a the captain, and 2 eco-tour guides. Just a fair warning, they do command your full attention at. Fully narrated whale watching tour through the scenic San Juan Islands (Guaranteed whale sightings or your next cruise is 1/2 off) Experienced wildlife guides on board each cruise. Includes a complimentary lunch on board, with freshly baked lasagna, Caesar salad, fresh bread and dessert. Deluxe 100′ tour vessel with indoor and outdoor seating.

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Whales & Whale Watching. Once hunted for oil and bone, today the whales of the northwest coast are recongnized as being unusually intelligent, gentle creatures. The most common whales you are likely to see in Alaska are orcas, or killer whales and humpbacks. From a distance whales can be spotted by the distinctive white spout, as they exhale when surfacing. Humpback Whale. The humpback whale. We'll pick you up at your downtown Victoria hotel—and when your whale watching adventure is over, we'll drop you back at the hotel, or if you prefer, anywhere in the Victoria city core. How far in advance of my tour does the shuttle arrive? The day before your tour we prepare our shuttle schedule and will contact you directly to provide you with a time frame in which the shuttle will get.

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The waters surrounding Port Angeles — only a short drive from Seattle — offer one of North America's finest vantage points for up-close viewing of humpback whales, gray whales, resident and transient orca whales (a.k.a. killer whales), and the elusive minke whale. Prime whale watching season on the Olympic Peninsula runs from May through October. Humpback Whales. The majestic Strait of. During Whale Watching Weeks, The best way to spot a whale is to scan the horizon with the naked eye for spouts, which can reach up to 12 feet (3.7 m). Once you've spied one, zero in on an active area with binoculars. Whether you visit during those weeks or any time in winter or spring, grab some binoculars and head to one of these spectacular viewpoints. Neahkahnie Mountain Viewpoint. Prepare for potentially frigid temperatures in the more northern locations depending on time of year. 5. Georgia Straight, B.C., Canada . With such an enormous amount of coastline (the most anywhere), Canada is known as having some of the world's best whale watching expeditions on the planet. The Atlantic has been covered, but the Pacific offers a great variety of species and not just whales.

10 Best Whale Watching Destinations in the USA. Whales are majestic, misunderstood creatures—and when they come to the surface from the ocean depths, it's an awesome experience. The first time you go whale-watching and see that puff of ocean spray or a slapping tail, you are going to fall in love! Fortunately, there are whale-watching. What to expect on your whale watching tour. We are proud to lead the industry in sightings with a 98% success rate with this tour! Choose from either our covered or open boat tour options, both with onboard washrooms. Tours offered are from 3.5 - 4 hours, this is the most comprehensive whale and wildlife tour available in the industry! Eagle. Prime whale watching season runs from mid-April through October, and experienced guides are ready and waiting to take you to where the whales are. Here are a few of our favorite outfitters that offer terrific whale watching in Maine. Whale Watching in Maine. Whale Watching in Maine | 6 Favorite Spots Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. | Bar Harbor. Whale watching in Maine has long been a tourist. Did you know that the best time to spot whales in Northern California is from November through February? Not to mention, it's fun and pretty magical to escape to the coast during the winter months. These are some of the best places to go whale watching in the coming months. Definitely budget time to explore this seaside destinations while you are there, however Whale watching Vancouver Island is a once-in-a-lifetime exerience. This is your chance to sea kayak with killer (orca) whales or watch them from our boat, the Tenzing. From one of our many shoreline viewpoints you can watch humpback whales feeding. Orca Dreams is the only sea kayaking base camp where we catch our own salmon for dinner. Fo Seattle whale watching tour to the San Juan Islands! See orcas, humpbacks and more on an expertly guided tour. Whale sightings guaranteed! Whale Watching Maine Whale Watching Cruise East Coast Travel East Coast Road Trip Acadia National Park National Parks Dream Vacations Vacation Spots Family Vacations. Bar Harbor Whale Watching, Maine Whale Tour Companies. For a true coastal nature trip.

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